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Imagination Graphics can help you with graphic design services for yourself or your business.
We specislise in logo design, websites, print, and advertising. Contact us for the best in graphic design in Sydney.

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Graphic Design

Imagination Graphics business cards


We design your business cards to your specifications, like your business name, logo, email, website and your corporate colours.


Graphic design your Annual report containing your recent financial performance for the year and the projections, while maintaining your corporate identity.


Imagination Graphics will design your book or magazine to appeal to your audience, making sure the magazine or book is designed by Graphic Designers that specialises in publications work.

SJO DL brouchure


A brochure is a great way to give more detailed information about your business, project, event, venue or idea to potential clients. Our definition of a brochure is a flat sheet that has been folded to create a multi-page document.


Posters are great for high-impact displays and are great for promoting your product, business or event. We print posters in all sizes and for all purposes and on a variety of stocks.


A brand identity should successfully portray your business to the marketplace. It’s critical that your brand identity communicates the right message about who you are, what you do and what you stand for. It’s your signature look, colours and feel that make your brand instantly recognisable with your clients.

Bazcob Group logo


Our Brand Identity briefing process explores the key information about your business. Whether you’re a new business start-up needing a development of a branding strategy, or an established business in need of a branding refresh, the experts at Imagination Graphics are ready to help you.

NCR Pads

Carbonless/NCR Books

Carbonless books and forms are an integral part of the sales and accounting processes for most businesses, so it’s important they’re well designed, easy to use and economical to produce.



Stickers or sticky labels are a great way to promote your business. Custom designed stickers can be printed in a variety of styles, sizes and come in a large range of materials to suit almost any purpose. 

Web Design

A website is becoming more and more indispensable as a component of successful business. Annual growth rate of web pages continues to amaze. As this expands it is becoming vitally important for a site to be visually exciting as well as providing your existing & prospective customers with your list of products and services.

Web Services

We can design your website from scratch and have partnered with/made friends with sure your content.


Our signage is custom made using the most reliable and relevant medias for your particular project. We have an environmentally considerate eco solvent printer used to produce all wide format jobs for high resolution images, internal and external advertising, directory signage, temporary signs, exhibition and event signage, light-boxes, backlit illuminated posters, A-Frames, posters, vehicle graphics and vinyl decals.

Point of Sale

Pull up banners are a great short term signage solution, often used for POS & retail displays, trade shows, exhibits, conferences and presentations