Imagination Graphics

Imagination Graphics Win Konica Minolta Awards


The Konica Minolta National Specialised Print Awards 2018 top award was taken out by Imagination Graphics for the Hamptons pop-up book.

Designed by Alison Ward of Alice Street Creative, The Hamptons pop-up book was a complex job and took a lot of hard work and about 3 weeks to complete. Splendorgel from Spicers was the stock used as the client wanted it printed on a special stock.

Along with the pop-up house in the centre of the book, there was also a picket fence pocket in the back which acts like a presentation folder sleeve to hold additional information.

Imagination Graphics is very proud of receiving such an outstanding award from Konica Minolta and it shows the quality of print their Konica Minolta machines can deliver.

Emmanuel Buhagiar (Budgie), the owner of Imagination Graphics paid tribute to the print team, who’s effort, expertise and commitment to producing great work was evident in The Hamptons pop-up book.

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