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  • Digital Printer

    AccurioPress KM-1

  • Pre-press

    Colour Profiling

  • Stock

    COVER: 4 colour 2 sided on 350gsm Monza Recycled
    TEXT: 4 colour 2 sided on 170gsm Monza Satin Recycled

Port To Plate

Imagination Graphics takes immense pride in presenting the exceptional case bound book project, Port To Plate. This book reflects our commitment to crafting premium print products.

The client’s desire for a sophisticated and high-end case bound book was met with unparalleled precision and dedication. Printed on the cutting-edge AccurioPress KM-1, renowned for its superior image quality and boasting an impressive 1,200 x 1,200 dpi print resolution. The final product stands as a true testament to the synergy of advanced technology and artistic finesse.

Port To Plate was characterised by meticulous attention to detail and a passion for excellence. Imagination Graphics elevated the client’s vision by providing KM-1 color profile proofs, thoughtfully printed on top-tier stock. This allowed the client to envision and fine-tune the desired aesthetic and tactile experience for the ultimate outcome. Given that the heart of the book lay in its captivating photographs, Imagination Graphics dedicated ourselves to preserving the integrity of each image. The paramount importance of image quality and faithful reproduction led us to employ every tool and technique to ensure the final printed pages seamlessly translated the visual splendour of the photographs.

Port To Plate is a triumph of collaboration, technology, and artistic vision. Imagination Graphics is honoured to have transformed the client’s aspiration into a tangible masterpiece. This case bound book that not only embodies their artistic and narrative essence, but also stands as a benchmark of print quality and craftsmanship. This project serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering excellence and our commitment to going above and beyond to turn ideas into extraordinary realities.