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Imagination Graphics provides Die Cutting, Profile Cutting, Die Cutting Platen, Top Cut, Kiss Cut and can help your with die cut needs.

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Die Cutting

Die Cut or Die Cutting refers to the process of cutting out irregular shapes in paper or paperboard. It is often used to create unique cut-outs or slits in printed materials such as invitations, business cards, or stickers.

Profile cutting or Die cutting examples

Die Cutting/Profile Cutting

Die-cutting or profile cutting is a process that allows for cutting irregular shapes in paper or paperboard. It is primarily used to create cut-outs or slits in printed materials. Furthermore, die-cutting or profile cutting can add a unique look to invitations, custom produced business cards, or stickers.

Die Cutting - Platen

Die Cutting – Platen


To begin, Die cutting is the process of cutting paper in a specific shape or design. A wooden die or block is used, with steel rules positioned in the desired pattern. A die is a specialised tool used in manufacturing to cut or shape a material. It is then fitted into a press.

Additionally, die cutting is a mass fabrication method. It uses a tool called a die to cut paper into specific shapes. The die has sharp edges to pierce the material. It contains the custom two-dimensional shape of the finished part. Furthermore, the die cutting process is similar to cutting dough with a cookie cutter, where smaller sizes are cut.

stickers-imagination-graphics using Kiss Cut

Top Cut / Kiss Cut

Top Cut or Kiss Cut is a process of cutting the top layer of self-adhesive paper, commonly used for stickers, with a die but not the backing layer. Instead of the custom shape of the sticker, a square or rectangle paper backing is provided for peeling.